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Reel Rookie

Feature Request: Enhancements to Guest mode?


Guest mode is great for a rental property, but it is lacking in a specific way that I wonder if I'm overlooking something or not.

Lets say I have a rental property and I want to provide guests Netflix access while they are staying, but then also allow them to log into other services they might have access to.  This 'hybrid' guest mode doesn't seem to currently be supported on Roku.  

In an ideal world- I would have the ability to enter an enhanced guest mode, which would behave like the existing guest mode but with the enhancement of logging netflix into the account I'm providing (without me giving the guest the login and password).

Is there something I'm overlooking which would allow this?  If not, anyone know if Roku is working on such?

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Binge Watcher

Re: Enhancements to Guest mode?

Second this, would love to see this available for my rental.
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Re: Feature Request: Enhancements to Guest mode?

Question: I would like guests at my airbnb to watch my youtube tv and amazon prime. I do not, however, want them to make purchases that would get billed to my account. Example - they would purchase a movie on amazon prime. Or purchase sling, etc. Any way to prohibit this? Thanks

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