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Channel request: Adding RFD-TV to Roku


    I was wondering, if anyone can tell me how I request RFD-TV on roku?  I was on RFD-TV's website and it said about e-mail them.  So, I want under "Contact Us" on Roku's website and it doesn't say anything about channel or content request. So, I was looking on the community forums and saw people requesting different things and thought if I post here maybe I can get help.  I don't know, if there a way to really request channels for roku but I thought I post this here, in hopes maybe RFD-TV would maybe get add on day.

I'm request RFD-TV for Roku because it Rural tv and shows us a lifestyle that a lot of us will never get to live or see in real life.  RFD-TV also has a lot of great programming and classic shows like Hee Haw and musical programs like the grand old opry.   

So, if anyone from Roku is reading this, please consider adding RFD-TV to Roku.


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Re: Channel request: Adding RFD-TV to Roku

I would love to see RFD TV on Roku also!

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