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Reel Rookie

Auto Display Sensing Needs Work

I can see the advantage to a technically challenged user regarding the auto display sensing but, it should only be active when it is selected by the user and NOT always running in the background. I have a 4K HDR display that works just fine when I select "Force Display to 4K HDR". For some reason (assuming latest version 11 software/HDCP issues) every time I turn off the system and come back to it, the auto sense function is active and it resets the display resolution to 1080P. Also, since the auto sense function is always running, throughout programs it will randomly activate, blank the video to black, and change the resolution in the middle of content.

To me, if I select "Force Display to 4K HDR" my latest version Ultra should leave it alone unless I manually change it to auto sense. Again, my TV works fine at 4K HDR even though Ultra thinks there's an issue with the HDMI communication. You might argue there's really something wrong in the display chain which is causing this (like version 11 software) but, again, I should have the option to enable auto sense or leave it off. This would also be a workaround to the latest version 11 debacle.

I would suggest this simple change to the next version of the software

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