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kinetics splash screensaver corrupt

The Kinetics splash screen saver has recently began having corruption issues.  I have updated, removed and redownloaded it and it makes no difference.  I keep my roku resolution set at 720 and it used to work at that, everything else on the roku still works at 720, If I set the resolution to 1080 then suddenly the screensaver works again.  I do not want to have my roku set at 1080. I have included a picture of how the splash screensaver now behaves with its scrambled corrupted playback.

Please fix or let me know what to do to make it work correctly again.


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Re: kinetics splash screensaver corrupt

Roku does not develop that screensaver. Squirreltown does. So you can reach out to them. But this has nothing to do with Roku

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Re: kinetics splash screensaver corrupt


You can try a couple of things. (looks to be a bit of motion in that screensaver)

1. See if toggling the "display refresh rate" either on or off helps the situation. (Settings/System/Advanced System Settings/Advanced Display Settings/Auto-adjust Display Refresh Rate)

2. Perform the same procedure as with any suspect corrupt Channel.  The additional screensavers and themes are really just Channels/apps.  (Remove the Channel, Restart the Roku device, Reinstall the Channel).


If the above does not help, likely it is an issue that needs to be addressed by the Channel developer. (Screensaver developer).

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