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Video freezes but sound works somewhat

This is most common on Peacock but now it happens on Paramount+, Hulu, and Netflix.

Video freezes then stutters along a frame or two at a time with intermittent freezes. Sound will start and stop but went going it is at full speed. 

Remote stops working entirely. When it does work it is on a delay. Eventually after a couple of minutes the remote works or the device reopens on the app icons screen.

The Roku (Express) sometimes has a solid white dot sometimes its dark, and sometimes the light goes on and off when you are trying to get the Roku to work by using the remote.

I have 12 or 18 Mps internet and nothing else is slow or glitchy even computer games. I am only watching streaming with maybe web browsing on my PC.

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Re: Video freezes but sound works somewhat

If you're using your TV's USB port and not the supplied power adapter give the power adapter a shot.  Try a different HDMI cable if you have one and/or a different HDMI input on your TV.

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Re: Video freezes but sound works somewhat

I have the same problem with Peacock. It'll work for a while then all of a sudden the picture freezes and I may lose sound or the sound may be there but the picture is frozen. All this BS of deleting the channel, installing it, clearing caches etc. It's a waste of time.. It happens almost immediately after I do all that.

You know Roku and all these other companies are BS. There is no direct help from these companies. Their advice is go to the community. They're just evading issues and don't wanna deal with these problems and hiring real support people.

The peacock channel freezing just started right after the latest Roku update in October 2022. I've never had any issues with any of the other apps on my Roku's, just Peacock.

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Re: Video freezes but sound works somewhat

Hi @BobbyS1
Thank you for the inquiry!

Does the issue only occur on Peacock or across other channels installed on your Roku device?

Have you tried removing the affected channel Peacock and then re-install again? If not, we suggest starting there. In some cases, removing the affected channel and then re-installing it may help. Restart your device before re-adding the channel back in to ensure the process is successful. We recommend doing this through the Settings menu by navigating to Settings > System > Power (If there is no Power submenu, proceed to the next step.) > System restart.

For detailed instructions, refer to this Support link for more information: How to resolve a channel playback issue | Official Roku Support.

Let us know if there's any difference after.

Warm Regards,

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