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V12.0 Audio out of sync no help from Roku

Roku sits here and says they value all their customers, yet if you don’t buy a certain model then you can’t get help from them!?! Now, if that doesn’t say we value you I don’t know what does… long as you spend enough money on a better model of course!! I’m on my second Roku device this one bought around this past Christmas. All live TV audio lags behind the video. I’ve tried every fix there is. I’ve contacted YouTubeTV and I also have a letter from ROW8 explaining why the movie I rented wasn’t working either, and exactly why it’s not working. The letter states who’s issue this is, and the issue lies with ROKU! Im including the letter. This is absolute BULL$&@! Every company is telling me it’s Roku yet I can’t get any resolution because they only value and service “certain “ customers. I’m stuck with audio and video issues with my thumb in my A** and no one to help me resolve this! I am now finishing this statement and going to buy me an Apple streaming device. I know for a fact they have people who will help. I included the letter from ROW8 below





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