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Tablo doesnt care to work with Roku Express Model 3960X

A previous post on this topic appears to be closed, so I will add a new one.

I bought a 4th generation 4 receiver Tablo and it does not work with the Roku Express Model 3960X. My issues are as described in a previous post.  The video breaks up or freezes, sometimes the audio freezes, and usually within a couple minutes the Tablo app on the Roku causes the Roku to reboot or the app just quits. 

Previous Post Title: Tablo doesnt care to work with Roku express only the roku Ultra

I called Tablo June 19, 2024 and they say it is a known issue and will be resolved very soon. I pushed to get a date and they said "right away". I'm not convinced since this has been an issue since at least January 2024. I am returning both the Tablo and Roku Express. Maybe I will buy back if someone can verify the Tablo issues are resolved.

FYI- The Tablo works well for HD with my two old Rokus Models 3800RT and 3900R. Older TV shows that are not HD are displayed very small in the upper left corner of a bright green screen. Tablo says this green screen issue is a Roku bug. I will buy the Tablo again after they get all the bugs resolved. 

Note - I had to select a model to make the post. My model was not in the list so I picked the closest- 3930 instead of 3960. I don't know if this issue occurs with the model 3930 or not.


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Re: Tablo doesnt care to work with Roku Express Model 3960X

Don't expect the green screen bug to ever been fixed.  It's been reported for a long time and only affects certain models.  I don't have a 3960 or a 3930, but I do have a 3910 and it has the problem.  I have several other Roku models (some newer, some older) that work fine with my 4th generation 4 tuner Tablo, but I generally avoid "Express" models and consider them disposable.  I paid $15 for the 3910.  If you haven't noticed, Roku only seems interested in how much revenue they can get from advertising these days.  Apps like Tablo really aren't going to get their attention.

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