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TLC/ANIMAL PLANET/Id etc not in network

I have a dish account and since Feb have not been able to watch Animal planet/TLC/ID etc. I get that the channel is not in my network. Once I sign into Paramount it kicks me out. Any solutions to this?

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Re: TLC/ANIMAL PLANET/Id etc not in network

Hi @Sherry67

Thanks for your first post in Roku Community. 

We understand that you are trying to access the channels with your cable or satellite subscription, these are known as authenticated channels or TV Everywhere channels.

TV Everywhere channels require that you authenticate with your cable or satellite provider to verify that you are eligible. After you add the channel to your Roku device, launch the channel and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you need additional support, for more information about that channel's features and functionality, you'll want to contact the cable or satellite provider support directly to inquire further. Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 

For reference, you can visit this link: How to find movies and TV shows available with your cable or satellite subscription


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