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Room tv recognizes USB, room sound bar does not

If I turn my 55" Roku television on with the remote that came with the television then the USB drive is recognized In the Roku media player. If I turn the TV on With the Roku soundbar remote Then the USB drive does not show up in Roku media player.


Any thoughts?

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Re: Room tv recognizes USB, room sound bar does not


You have two separate Roku devices. One is plugged into the other.

At the highest level is the Roku TV device. It has inputs, including a USB port, and HDMI ports.

You have another Roku device (probably a Streambar, from  your description) plugged into one of the HDMI ports. It only shows what's on it, not what's on the TV.

When you use the Roku Streambar, you're looking at the Roku menu of the Streambar, not of the TV. The Roku Streambar doesn't have anything plugged in to it. If you want to see the inputs on the Roku TV, you need to use the Roku TV menu.

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