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Roku ultra audio cuts in amd out

We just purchased and connected a brand new 4802X - Roku Ultra. Since our new addition we have had sound issued across ALL apps and not just one app. Every 30 minutes roughly the sound will cut out for about three to five seconds and then return as if some outside source muted the television and then unmuted it. We have updated the Roku with the latest software, rebooted after the latest update multiple times in the attempt to reconcile the issue, replaced the HDMI cable with no fix to the issue. There appears to be a glitch in your Roku Ultra that needs your attention to the matter. Please consider that it is your equipment and or possibly your software that is faulty as this is not the first, second, or third complaint about the same problem we are experiencing. 

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Re: Roku ultra audio cuts in amd out

Hi @Santahoot2

Thanks for reaching out to Roku Community!

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with your new Roku Ultra. It sounds like you have tried multiple troubleshooting steps to resolve the sound issue but to no avail. In order to assist you in resolving the issue, we would like to gather more information. 

Do you have a surround sound system on your TV? Does your Roku device is connected directly to your TV? Additionally, have you tried switching the HDMI port that your Roku is connected to on your TV to see if that resolves the issue?

Keep us posted on what you find out.


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