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Roku player not turning on ?

A friend gifted me a roku without the “android charger & remote” it will turn on and roku will jump on the screen for 5 seconds & then the white light will flash and then it will shut off, I’m so confused any suggestions? 

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Re: Roku player not turning on ?


With the device temporarily booting up, flashing the Roku logo, and shutting down, may just be an underpowered Roku device. (your tv's USB port is not providing enough power).  You can just use a cell phone charging cable with micro usb on one end for most devices and a cell phone charging power adapter (5volt, 1amp).

You will need a remote because you will most likely have to Factory Reset this device (or if it has been factory reset already), will need a physical remote to proceed through activation.  For Roku devices other than Streaming Sticks, you can use universal streaming IR remotes compatible with Roku.  Or you can purchase a Roku Remote at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc.

Unless you have the above around in your home, or depending on the Roku model you were gifted, it may more sense to purchase a newer Roku device that will include all the above.

Inexpensive IR remote = $10 and power cable with power adapter $10

Roku remote $20


If you are trying to get your existing gifted device to work, first thing is to correct the power supply issue to verify that it fully boots up.  (Do not factory reset until you have a working remote).

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