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Reel Rookie

Roku Express stopped to working Nov.23

1 month or more ago, my apps on the Roku express stopped working saying that it was not connecting to the internet, even though the Roku was connected and showed that the connection was excellent and everything else in my house was excellent, the connection including my Roku TV which never lost connection. Let me make it very clear that nothing has changed in my home internet, it continues to be exactly the same as Telus. Following the instructions on this website, I should try new connections, which continued to show the same error, I disconnected from the TV for a few minutes and that didn't help either, I did the factory reset and from then on the situation only got worse, as the screen got stuck. on the screen that the system could not be updated because the Roku was not connected to a wireless network, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS CONNECTED! After that I reset the device directly, which now only shows the screen in purple and nothing happens, I no longer have access to or the option to connect to the internet. My device stopped working 100%, I can't access anything, in my Roku app it says that the device is connected, but on the TV it doesn't connect and doesn't open anything. Detail, I bought this device at the end of June, this means that the device only worked for less than 4 months and stopped working, I can't contact anyone from Roku to give me a support or at least exchange my device that is It's pretty obvious that it's defective.

Roku Express - Model 3930X

SN: S014328454DH

FCC ID: TC2-R1027

IC: 5959A-R1025


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Community Moderator

Re: Roku Express stopped to working Nov.23

Hi @Clara-November,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We regret to hear about this, and we really do appreciate your sharing this with us. We'd like to help.

Could you tell us if you received any updates that might be related to this issue you're experiencing?



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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Express stopped to working Nov.23


I didn’t receive.


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Re: Roku Express stopped to working Nov.23


Recently addressed similar issue with another Telus customer and their Express 3930 in this thread.

Perhaps go through this checklist and contact Telus as well. (Nick seems to be highly recommended).

Perhaps @jaimesee can indicate exactly what Telus did or what the issue was narrowed down to.

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