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ROKU Not Helping With HDMI Issues

Roku streaming devices have worked well with my LG TV for years and years. Recently the HDMI screen has popped up instead of content. No facile way to talk to Roku about this: only sites come up on support that don't really address my problem. I went through the HDMI trouble shooting tips to no avail. Again, I changed nothing.....just suddenly got the HDMI screen. Can't find an associate in support to talk to. I don't want to buy a new streaming stick or TV and end up with the same problem. Roku is letting us down on support.

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Re: ROKU Not Helping With HDMI Issues: Actually is "HDCP Error Detected" Issues

I used the wrong term. Roku not helping with"HDCP Error Detected" not HDMI issues.

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Re: ROKU Not Helping With HDMI Issues: Actually is "HDCP Error Detected" Issues


When encountering the HDCP error message, you need to look at the HDMI cable chain. (the actual HDMI cable, the HDMI input port on the TV, the HDMI output port on the Roku device, the TV firmware, and the Roku firmware and settings.

1. The HDMI cable may be faulty. --> Replace the HDMI cable.

2. HDMI Input --> Try another HDMI input on the TV.

3. HDMI Output --> Make sure the HDMI cable is firmly seated at Roku device and does not feel loose or wiggles indicating bad HDMI.  If using Roku Streaming Stick, try attaching a HDMI extension cable to the device (male to female adapter on one end, male on other end) and then plug into TV HDMI port.

4. TV firmware --> check to see if any firmware updates are available for your TV if applicable.  Alternatively, try using a lower resolution (720p v 1080p) and see if it help resolve some issues.

5. Roku firmware --> check to see if any Roku updates are available. (Settings/System/Software Update).

6. Roku settings --> If applicable and enabled, disable Roku "Auto Power Savings" feature that has caused some HDMI related issues with some users. (Settings/System/Power/Auto Power Saving/20-min inactivity/[uncheck to Disable] ).

The above is an example typical setup.  If you have any additional peripherals like AVRs or additional switches in the setup, you will need to troubleshoot those as well. (preferably remove them from chain, and then reintroduce individually until failure is noted).

Certainly will not dismiss the Roku device as a potential culprit, but need to look at entire chain and not focus on one part.  The problem with HDMI and HDCP is that just one failure point affects entire process and is more than just an annoying inconvenience.  It was meant to combat piracy, but does little in that field and usually just creates a headache for anyone simply wanting to watch television because a glitch in the authentication process is occuring.

Post back with your Roku device model number (Settings/System/About) and your TV model number.  Also, does the error seem to occur with one channel/app more often than others. (there are additional DRM protections that can exascerbate some issues as well).



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Re: ROKU Not Helping With HDMI Issues: Actually is "HDCP Error Detected" Issues

I have also been experiencing repeated HDCP issues (and anticipated years ago that HDCP errors would be little more than a nuisance to non-pirates, etc.).

A few discoveries on my part that might be a step in the right direction, but not a solution:
   1) I have two Rokus and two Sony receivers.  After doing the usual "check your cable, power off", etc. steps on one system I discovered that the other system was having the same difficulties.  Pretty unlikely that two systems with no connections to each other would have cable failures in the same timeframe.

   2) We use the Roku 3 unit the most, and until a few months ago had no problems at all.  Maybe a software update?.  Now I think the problems TEND to occur when something inputs are being switched or some unit is being turned on or off, as if the switching is taking place during the HDCP handshakes.  Is this a clue?

   3) The ARQ connections on BOTH Sony receivers / televisions have become inoperable.  Again, not likely to happy on two separated systems in the same timeframe.

        One of my Sony receivers has two HDMI outputs, so I can use the one without ARQ (and simply switching to the ARQ output shuts off music that is already playing), but the older receiver has only one HDMI output, so it is basically disabled.

        Powering off does NOT reset the ARQ issues, so I am going to reset the memory in my Sony receivers sometime soon (re-configuring the receivers' inputs, labels and other settings is a time-consuming process).

        I'm also considering an external box such as monoprice dot com offers - they emit HDCP handshakes that may satisfy the errant decision-making in the chain of devices.


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Re: ROKU Not Helping With HDMI Issues: Actually is "HDCP Error Detected" Issues

Thanks for such detailed suggestions. I really appreciate your time.

My system: Roku: 3810X Streaming Stick+,  TV: LG - 22LC2D

A)I tried a JSRUX HDTV Switch 2 in 1 out - between the stick and TV.  No luck!

B) The error occurs on all channels.

C) Nothing else in chain

D) Software updates current

E) Apparently there is no Roku power saving feature option

F) I had an earlier model Roku hanging around, so I tried it as well -- Nope!

I'll check with LG support. I think after all this that its the TV HDMI (I didn't mention there is only one HDMI port). I don't hold much hope - they don't recognize 22LC2D. I would prefer not to add to electronic waste/enviromental strain with a new TV that I don't really need.

Anyway AvsGunnar your the bomb man!

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Re: ROKU Not Helping With HDMI Issues: Actually is "HDCP Error Detected" Issues

Thanks Cornan. I tried a JSRUX HDTV Switch 2 in 1 out - between the stick and TV and that one did not work out for me..... so I don't knowwwwww...... Take Care

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