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Paramount+ doesn't usually load

I request help in finding a fix for the problem I have with trying to play ParamountPlus through Roku.  Here are some details:  (1).  It played nicely until a few weeks ago (I think about the time ParmountPlus added Showtime).  (2).  Since then, loading ParmountPlus to view a show has been very slow or, most of the time, it does not load.  Sometimes the “select account” screen will appear in about 30 seconds. If it does then the “Home” screen sometimes will appear after 50+ seconds, but usually an error message will display, and the app will close.  (3).  I have deleted the app, restarted Roku and reinstalled the app as suggested on your Help pages, but there was no improvement.  (4).  I have 27 apps on my Roku Ultra.  ParamountPlus is the only one that has this problem.  All other apps load in a three or four seconds.  (5).  I reduced the number of apps from 27 down to 18.  No change to the problem.  (6).  I can access and view ParamountPlus on my computer without any problems. I also tried viewing it through my Amazon Priime Video account; again, no problems.  (7).  The problem also exists on a 2nd TV with Roku Ultra and a 3rd TV with Roku Streaming Stick 4K.  (8).  My internet is 1 GB download (usually about 900 mb) and my router is a Google Nest Wifi Pro. 

Thank you for your help.

P.S.  Where does one contact Roku Tech Support?  All I get is a run around to look at articles.

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Re: Paramount+ doesn't usually load

Hi @davokluk,

Thanks for making your first post here in the Roku Community.

We'd be glad to take a peek and see what's going on here. Could you tell us if this case is isolated to that specific channel only? Or do you also see this behavior taking place on the other channel that you are watching? In addition to that, we would recommend reporting this problem to the channel support team in order to hear what solutions they would recommend for it. The vast majority of Roku's channels are handled and managed directly by the channel providers themselves. You can contact them here: ParamountPlus ContactUS.

And we would appreciate it if you could get back to us and let us know if they were successful in resolving the issue or not; from there, we will handle it.



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