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Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

Forgot to say, I had also turned off the Power Saving button in Settings on Friday. It was checked to kick on after 20 minutes of inactivity. 

Working well this morning too! Hallelujah! 

Thanks again!

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Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

Here's the fix that worked for me. 

Click setting button on remote 

Scroll down to ," all settings"

Scroll down to , " general" 

Scroll to , " devices"

Scroll to, " hdmi settings"

Then uncheck ," SIMPLINK"      

Homescreen of Roku came up immediately.  This also keeps the 4K HDMI deep color setting as it should be.  Hope that helps someone. 🙏  


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Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

I had the same problem. The TV and Roku are both brand new devices. I did a factory reset on the TV and didn't agree to any of their user terms agreements this time. Then I shut off every automatic feature in the TV settings. After that I shut off every energy saving feature on the TV and the Roku so it won't shut off on me. I'm not sure which one of these worked, but after 2.5 hours of frustration and small heart attacks, I'm finally watching my Roku!

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