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No Signal Issue on LG OLED

Every 3rd or 4th time I power up my Roku, the start-up screen appears then everything goes blank and eventually I get a No Signal message. I've seen mention of this issue on several other posts but no resolution. Here's my setup and what I've tried:


  • LG OLED 65" B8
  • Roku Streaming Stick+, powered by TV

What I've tried

  • Updated firmware/software of Roku
  • Unplugged, plugged in Roku
  • Switched to a different input/source and back
  • Switched Roku to different HDMI ports
  • Switched power source from TV to outlet
    • Issue happens less frequently when powered by outlet but likely because the Roku stay on
  • Hard reset Roku
  • Manually set resolution through Roku
  • Verified other devices work on HDMI ports

Is this a known bug? Has anyone else resolved this issue? 

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Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

@mbanderson Thanks for the note here. We would recommend always using the included wall power adapter and cable, as USB ports may not provide enough power for your device and may cause unintended behaviors. 

You might also try enabling/disabling 'HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color' on your TV, if supported. 






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Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

I have the same issue with my Roku Ultra with my 65" LG OLED C8.

I have disabled the Ultra HD deep color option and it still loses video signal with tv.  I also bought a brand new one from Walmart this week and tried it and got the same results using a different HDMI cable.

It's definitely something wrong with the Roku.

How can  this be fixed?


Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

Same problem, No support?? I will never buy another roku if this isn't resolved. Roku is pitiful. Too many options to put up w your garbage product. 


Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

@RokuTannerD I am having the same issue.  I just purchased a Roku Ultra and a LG 55 inch LED Nano 9 Series TV and the screen will go dark and then I will get a no signal message on the TV.

This happens a few minutes after turning on the TV and then usually another time during I have disabled HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color'. I have also tried resetting the devices and changing HDMI ports.  I am still having this problem.

This is incredibly frustrating.  There are several posts describing this issue.  Is there not a fix for this?









Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

 Purchased a brand new Roku stick+.  Had this very issue upon setting up and could never get a signal.  Any mine is plugged into a wall outlet, so I know that’s not the problem.  I’ve been through all your trouble shooting videos.  No 800 number to call for help?  You have a compatibility problem with LG smart TVs that you aren’t addressing.

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Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

I am having the exact same issue.  Little help here Roku?  The strange thing is this seems to come and go at times after I've reset everything from the Roku to apps, etc.  The latest issue with this is with Apple Plus specifically, but I get the "no signal" from time to time when anything seems to require the combination of the LG OLED "Deep Color" setting to Roku 4KHDR 60fps alignment.  Roku?

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Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

@RokuTannerD if you disable the LG TV Deep Color, you are reducing the ability for the Roku device to play back at 4K HDR 60fps right?  And if so, certain apps won't play certain content and thus the "no signal"?


Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

I am having the exact same issue with a Roku Ultra and LG tv. It will work for extended periods of time and then if the Roku gets unplugged we can not get it to reconnect. We have tried different hdmi cables in different ports, changing the hdmi ultra color as recommended and changing what Power outlet the ROKU is plugged into. We also attempted to update our tv. This is incredibly frustrating and would be great if there was an actual solution provided by ROKU.


Re: No Signal Issue on LG OLED

Same issue. New ROKU Streaming Stick +, plugged in to the wall, brand new LG TV....get so signal message every time.  Have to unplug Roku to get it to restart. Ordering an Amazon Fire right now

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