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Reel Rookie

No Atmos feed from TCL Roku TV 65R625 to soundbar

Apparently Dolby Atmos audio is no longer going through HDMI ARC  from my TCL 65R625 Roku TV to my Vizio soundbar (SB36512-F6). It HAD previously worked, but I believe it may have been with the Roku software 11.0 update (?)  that something changed. I have tested a variety of HDMI cables, all 2.0 and above. All apps are updated. I am using latest build 11.0.0 4193-88.

I have checked different Roku channels broadcasting in Atmos, including Netflix and the Dolby demo channel, and even the Atmos stream from another device (XBOX One X) both via streaming and 4K blu-ray. Occasionally the soundbar will still briefly signal that Atmos has been detected, and I'll even hear sound for a second, but then silence. 

Non-Atmos sound goes through fine. I am using Passthrough for Audio/Digital Output Format, but when I downgrade to Custom/Dolby Digital, everything comes through (just not in Atmos, obviously), so it is clear that the issue is the Atmos feed somehow not going to the soundbar. 

Any suggestions or help, please?

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