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My 4 Roku devices all think I'm in Seattle when I'm in Portland.

Started about a month ago, YouTube TV, Pluto, Roku ads are all stuck in Seattle. I can't get local Portland channels on any of my 4 Roku devices.  When I use my iPad or iPhone to watch YouTube TV or Pluto, I get Portland channels. It's only my Roku devices that seem to be confused.  I've tried entering my zip code multiple times on each device and no effect on playback. 

I'm getting ready to quit Roku if I can't find a solution.

Devices affected:

Roku Ultra x2

Roku Smart Soundbar 

Roku Streambar Pro

Channel Surfer

Re: My 4 Roku devices all think I'm in Seattle when I'm in Portland.

Is the issue that you're getting Seattle news and not " local " Portland news? Depending on what streaming service you're using( youtube TV, Hulu live, etc) they use the Neilsen polling/rating map associated with your zip code.I have the same in NH. I live 80 miles from Boston/ Manchester, NH where I get local news.Because the zip code I live in is part of the Plattsburgh,NY / burlington,VT ( 500 miles away!)Neilsen polling area, those streaming services consider those my "local" news.  

Customer service can do nothing. They did " elevate" the issue to engineering when I sent them a map showing where I lived in relation to the cities they were considering local. I heard nothing back.

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Re: My 4 Roku devices all think I'm in Seattle when I'm in Portland.


Roku devices have no provisions for receiving live over-the-air broadcasts.  (Roku TVs with Roku capability built in DO have antenna inputs for this purpose.)   So any network programming received on a Roku device must be streamed via one of the streaming channel apps that carry local channels (YouTube TV, fubu, Hulu + Live TV, specific ISP cable service app, etc.).  It is that channel app that determines which locality's stations you get.    

Some channel apps determine your location by the IP number assigned to you by your internet provider. If your internet provider assigns or changes your IP number to one attached to one of its servers located in a different area, that could change the local stations you are provided.    

You can use an IP info website like the ones listed below to see where the IP number assigned by your internet provider indicates you are located. If this doesn't represent your actual area, you can contact your internet provider and ask to be reassigned an IP in your area. 

Some IP info websites:

A web search for "IP Location" can find many more.

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