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HDMI warning

I have a roku premier. After using it for years, all of a sudden I am getting the HDMI warning to use a HDMI 2.2 cable. 

All my roku channels and Amazon for example have the audio out of sync. 

I do not have a 4K TV, why am I getting the warning now? I have tried a 4K cable. It does fix the problem. 

I lowered the tv resolution to 720. The picture quality is poor, the audio does sync though. I want my HD feed back. 

I can’t reach tech support, I feel screwed to have to down grade my resolution. 

Does any one have idea how to fix this resolution. Do all the Roku’s have this problem now? 

I logged out of Amazon and logged in again, that worked for one day

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Re: HDMI Warning on Roku Device

I have been experiencing the HDMI Warning on the Stick+ that is in my living room (I have the same model for my second tv). It started with Tubi then it was doing it constantly on Peacock, then last night it was happening when opening AMC+.

  1. It doesn't matter which streaming service you are going to use, as this will happen to any of the streaming apps, and
  2. There is a brief fix to get rid of the HDMI Warning, and
  3. You will have to replace your Roku device within a year (my previous experience).

The fix is simple. You unplug your Roku's power supply. You shut off the tv. Reconnect the Roku's power supply. Turn on your tv. Also, make sure your Roku device (and apps) is updated. From the Home screen, go to Settings>System>System Updates. Once updates is complete, you may want to restart the Roku, just because apps like Peacock don't work well without the restart. You may also want to power cycle your modem/router/gateway to clear up any audio-visual lag.

Unfortunately, the fix is only temporary and you will see the HDMI Warning again, within three to four days. It will just keep happening until you replace the Roku device the warnings are displaying on. My Stick+ is less than 4 years old and it frustratingly keeps happening.

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