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Reel Rookie

Getting kicked out of apps

While watching Disney +, ESPN+, etc. I am getting kicked out to the Home Screen every 3 minutes or so. I have tried a factory restart, delete app, reboot device, add app and issue persists. Please help. I have 2 express devices and it is happening on both. 


Re: Getting kicked out of apps

I have been getting kicked off Disney+ for the past 5 minutes. I’ve had this issue before but I could usually resume watching my movie after the first time. Now I’m trying to watch The Santa Clause 2 and it’s kicked me off 5 times! Cant even make it past the 1-minute mark. Idk what else to do. I just got this tv for Christmas! 

Re: Getting kicked out of apps

same I just got the tv for Christmas swell and it kicks me out all the time and its the most frustrating thing ever... do you have any idea how to get this fixed?


Re: Getting kicked out of apps

We have the Roku express+ and for the last 4 days, it kicks us off Hulu,Frndly,prime every 3 minutes. Wish they would provide an answer.  It didn’t kick us off Pandora though. 

We are trying a factory reset to see if that works. We have done system updates, unplugging to reset, and resetting internet.   Nope that didn’t work either.

Reel Rookie

Re: Getting kicked out of apps

I changed which hdmi input on the tv I was using and this solved my issue. 

Roku Guru

Re: Getting kicked out of apps

This happens on my 2020 Ultra(s) with literally all my apps at least once a day if not more.





... and so many more. Nothing fixes it.

Reel Rookie

Re: Getting kicked out of apps

Same here and nothing is fixing this issue it's so frustrating 

Re: Getting kicked out of apps

I am getting kicked out of all my apps every 3 minutes I've tried factory  reset,  I've restarted, I've tried updating  but no updates are available and I've also disconnected  and reconnected  my internet  nothing is working this has been going on all day I need answers! Please!


Re: Getting kicked out of apps

Changing de HDMI port worked for me too! Thank you so much samrobb4!

Binge Watcher

Re: Getting kicked out of apps

Roku TV keeps disconnecting from WIFI
I am having the same exact issues. I have the Roku ultra and it has been running perfectly for the last two weeks or more. All of a sudden today 1-14-21 all streaming channels regardless of what show im watching just stop. Pause.Shut off. Go white snowy screen. Sometimes no audio, sometimes nothing. My internet is at 112 mbps and ALL my other devices are working great, its a ROKU thing. And I have troubleshooted for 2 hours. Rebooted routers, modems,Roku,the nintendo switch,the hair dryer.....NOTHING WORKS.

I am very frustrtated because I just discontinued Direct TV  and put all my faith in ROKU......BAD MISTAKE IM AFARID.

Somebody please tell me it is just a bad update or something

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