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Can't get the volume very loud

We just bought a Roku Ultra that replaced an older model.  We've never had volume issues with the previous Roku (or any of the 5 or 6 others that we've owned), but we now need to have the volume maxed out with the Ultra when watching some things.  And sometimes that isn't loud enough.

The Roku is connected to a Sony receiver via HDMI and the speakers are connected to that Sony.  (So, we know the Roku remote volume controls won't work with that.)

There are no volume issues with the other devices that are plugged into the receiver.

I've fiddled with the volume modes.  I can tell differences, but there is no help with the volume.

I've checked the cabling and it all seems fine.  The one things I'm wondering about... I'm using the same HDMI cable from the previous Roku.  It is probably 8' long (or more?).  The Ultra came with a short cable.  Would it make a difference if I moved the Roku closer to the receiver and used the shorter cable?

Any other ideas?

Thanks -  John

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