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Atmos not working from Max app

Device: Roku ultra 4802X

Roku OS: 12.5.5 build 4174-C2

Max app: 56.5.0 (3.5.0) build 35

Hi all,  I can’t get Dolby atmos to work from the Max app, signal is shown as dolby digital+ on my denon X3700H.  Atmos works fine from Netflix and Apple TV apps on same Roku device so it’s not a cable issue etc.  Anyone else have this problem? I’ve seen in the past old versions of the HBO Max had similar problems but nothing about the new combined Max app.  Thanks!


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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Atmos not working from Max app

Hi @Mr-ram,

Thanks for making your first post here in the Roku Community!

We see that you're having an issue with the MAX channel unable to access Dolby Atmos and we'd like to learn more about this and see how we can better isolate this.

In addition, could you also share with us a Tracker ID of the issue? Tracker ID when this issue occurs (when you see this issue occur, press the Home button 5 times, followed by the Back button 5 times, and provide us with this ID).

We'll go forward this over to the appropriate Roku team for further review in the meantime.


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