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Home Monitoring Service and connection to current home monitoring system

I already have a home monitoring system that monitors my doors, windows (via glass break), doorbell camera, and one camera in the house. I would like to purchase a couple of Roko cameras for more security and I am wondering if there is a need to purchase the Roko monitoring system as well or if can I view the cameras and historical recordings remotely without the monitoring system featured by Roko. Secondarily, could I use the Roko monitoring system to somehow tap into my current system and monitor the devices that are already in place in my home (hopefully thinking)? I do not want two home monitoring systems if I can use one.  

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Re: Home Monitoring Service and connection to current home monitoring system

Hello! @Golfer-9997,

A friendly welcome from the Roku Community!

We appreciate you reaching out to us. We're happy to assist.

After you set up your Roku® Home Monitoring System SE, you can expand the starter kit by adding additional home monitoring accessories such as a Roku Entry Sensor, Roku Keypad, or Roku Motion Sensor. The stress-free setup in the Roku Smart Home Mobile app makes it easy to increase control over your home. You can purchase and add more cameras to your Smart home monitoring.



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