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We're sorry, the email you provided isn't working - please help! 2/Jan/2023

Roku Express 4K / Samsung (Tizian) TV / Fritz!Box Cable Router (200Mbs)

Issue 1: BBC iPlayer suddenly stops loading (all other [ITV, Chl4 etc.] load OK) - black screen, msg "BBC
           iPlayer Loading" - never resolves. All other streaming channels OK
            Tried all solutions (reinstall app./ restart Roku / reboot router...) - no success so, Roku factory reset

Issue 2: Activation - email not accepted - tried a yahoo account, tried a gmail account - none works

Notes: network is working OK - all TV channels, Prime channels; Fritz!Box diagnostics OK


So what next??? All help appreciated

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Re: We're sorry, the email you provided isn't working - please help! 6/17/2021

for me... hovering over the @ symbol worked once but on subsequent tries, nothing came up. I'm thinking, that shows a connectivity problem but net sniffing, pings, router diagnostics return all OK ???

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Re: We're sorry, the email you provided isn't working - please help! 6/17/2021

Not connectivity, problems with the way they send email from AWS.  When I dug into this some months back the emails are being sent from Amazon's AWS mail service.  My best guess (from tracing the source of the successful email and reading docs) is inept spam blocking along with Roku's programmers (or outsourced contractors) not trying to fix it.  I wrote it up in this forum if you care to search for it.  Back when the Internet was young and I was a wage slave instead of a retired slacker I ran a regional ISP and spent way too much time dealing with spam, today I get to complain that others aren't handling it well 🙂 .  Roku's in-house support, including here in this forum, has tried hard to deal with the problem (they spent about an hour on the phone with me before I figured it out) but it needs fixing at a higher level than front line support.

My workaround was to use upper case and on a later activation varying capitalization (that it worked reinforces schlocky anti-spaming), something like email@DOMAIN.COM or EmAiL@SoMeWhEre.CoM .  Give that a try and see if it still works.  My guess is poor quality domain name matching (the good stuff wouldn't be case sensitive), and they didn't like your domain name for unknown and not very good reasons.

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