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Set up new roku express can’t find network

I just got a new roku box for my tv.. plugged it in selected English and it just scans and scans for networks and will not pick it up. I have 4 other boxes in my house and they all pick up the wifi.. I cannot get this one to find it, I’ve tried plugging it in to a tv closer to the box.. resetting my router., and it still just spins .. any suggestions I can’t get past the initial wireless scan 

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Re: Set up new roku express can’t find network


Need a little more info to try and narrow down possible issues.

1. What are the other four "boxes" that you have?  The model numbers can be found under Settings/System/About.

2. What is the model number of the new Express? (look on the box for model number if you can't get past setup.

3. What is router model number and who is your ISP. (internet service provider)

4. Are you powering the device through the included power adapter or the TV USB power port? 


The first step is to test whether your Roku device is capable of making a connection.  Try completing setup using a mobile hotspot (if available to you).  If you are able to connect to mobile hotspot (or an alternative network), then the device hardware is working and may just need to tweak your network settings a bit to get the Express up and running.

Feel free to post back with the above info and results of the hotspot connection.

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