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Roku ultra audio settings

Just set up a roku ultra and and bugged by how the audio is behaving. I have a surround system and when the audio on the roku is set to Auto, every show says Atmos.  When I set the roku audio option to Auto Passthrough, all content shows at Dolby digital plus.  Is there an option that will show what audio is actually correct?

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Re: Roku ultra audio settings

"Auto passthrough" is the best option - it will show DD+ for most content, even Atmos (streaming services use DD+/Atmos) and for DD-only legacy systems, will transcode DD+ to DD.

"Auto detect" is actually "Auto transcode" - it will transcode all non-DTS output to the highest supported Dolby Audio level of the connected device (if thats PCM MAT 2.0/Atmos, then thats what everything is output at).

Try restarting all devices in the HDMI chain (Roku/TV/AVR) after making the change to "Auto passthrough".

Channel Surfer

Re: Roku ultra audio settings

@StreamerUser Appreciate the response.  Are you saying that I can’t play atmos unless I force atmos on everything?  That I have to go back and forth maybe?  That’s seems kinda ridiculous no?

And not sure why I might need to reset devices, unless, that will make true passthrough work correctly?

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Re: Roku ultra audio settings

Not saying that at all - you may want to re-read my previous post.

The suggestion to restart (or unplug/replug) is to reset the HDMI chain (EDID issues abound) since you were stating you were getting everything as DD+ in Auto passthrough mode (you shouldnt be).

I also want make clear the Atmos you get from streaming services is DD+/Atmos (so it should be detected as DD+ by your AVR/soundbar, with Atmos).  You should be getting PCM 2.0 as PCM 2.0, DD as DD, etc.

Put it in Auto passthrough and do some tests:  NetFlix/Prime/Hulu/Disney+ output 5.1/Atmos in DD+, so all those should come through as DD+.

The Roku Channel and Apple TV output all (non-Atmos) 5.1 as DD.  Paramount+ defaults to PCM 2.0, but can be configured for DD+ or DD output using Options (*) during playback.

If your AVR/Soundbar shows DD+ using Auto passthrough for all content (2.0/5.1) on all the apps/services I mentioned, then the most likely reason is that your AVR/soundbar (or whatever the Ultra is connected to) is applying some surround processing/upmixing, or alternately there is an EDID issue such that your AVR/soundbar/device is only advertising DD+ capabilities.

Highlight Settings/Audio/HDMI/Auto passthrough to see what codecs/formats the Roku detects your AVR/Soundbar/TV as supporting.



Re: Roku ultra audio settings

I have a TCL TV (built in Roku) audio out was set to AUTO.  AVR is an Onkyo NR7100 and the app says signal= PCM multichannel 5.1, output is DSUR 5.1.  I switched to passthrough on the roku and now signal says DD+ 5.1 ch. output says 5.1 Dolby audio sur.  

My limited understanding is PCM is stereo so I assume the AVR is working magic to produce surround sound?

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Re: Roku ultra audio settings

Hi @Maze400

Welcome to the Roku Community!

It sounds like your Roku Ultra may be automatically detecting the maximum audio capability of your surround sound system and defaulting to that option. This can result in some content being labeled as Atmos even if it is not actually in Atmos format.

To ensure that you are getting the correct audio format, you can manually set the audio output on your Roku Ultra. Here's how:

  • Go to Settings on your Roku home screen.
  • Select Audio.
  • Select HDMI or S/PDIF depending on how your sound system is connected to your Roku Ultra.
  • Choose Manual.

Select the audio format that matches the capabilities of your surround sound system. For example, if your system supports Dolby Digital Plus, select that option.
By manually setting the audio output, you should get the correct audio format for the content you are watching. If you are still having issues, you may want to check your surround sound system settings to make sure it is configured correctly.
We hope it helps!

Warm regards,

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