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Roku tv remote not working

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Re: Roku tv remote not working

You didn't provide any information. What brand of Roku TV? Is this a brand new set, or was it working for some time? Have you moved anything around the TV recently? 

Most TV remotes are IR only, although most TVs support linking a WiFi Direct remote. With IR, you need a clear line of sight between the remote and the IR receiver window in the TV. For most TVs, that window is somewhere along the bottom of the display. If you've placed something in front of the TV, the window might be blocked.

One obvious question, please. Have you tried a new pair of batteries in the remote? If so, are you certain they are inserted correctly? I ask that because some Roku remotes have both batteries oriented in the same direction (the + tip towards the top of the remote), while some have the batteries in opposite directions.


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