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Roku app on phone is not connecting with Roku

My app won't connect with my Roku. The app can't find the Roku on my wifi. I've tried closing the app, reinstalling the app, restarting the Roku itself, even tried manual input of the device IP. Nothing works. Everything works just fine with the device and remote, just can't use the app on my phone. Has anyone had this problem? Anyone know how to fix the issue?

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Re: Roku app on phone is not connecting with Roku

First, make sure Wi-Fi is really enabled on your phone.  The Roku device and phone have to be connected to the same network.  Somewhere in the phone's settings you should be able to find the IP address it's using.  It should look much like the Roku's IP address except for the last of the four numbers (e.g., Roku is and phone is  If they're wildly different then they're not connected to the same network.  Also, it could be a setting in your router called "Client Isolation" that prevents two devices connected via Wi-Fi from communicating with each other.  You'd want to disable that if you have it.

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