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Roku Stick+ isn't working with my 2009 Toshiba TV

I have an older Toshiba (2009). I plugged in the Roku Streaming Stick+ and turned on the tv and nothing is happening. The white light is lit on the stick and it's plugged into the power extender cable into an outlet. I had tried this stick on another tv in the house and it worked? Have tired all 3 HDMI ports on the TV.

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku Stick+ isn't working with my 2009 Toshiba TV

You didnt mention your Toshiba model # (it matters for resolution support)

Try this:

1) Re-connect it to the other TV

2) Change Settings/Display type=720p TV (do not use auto select)

3) Using your remote (from Home):  Press Home 5x, Down, Left, Up 3x  then select "Disable Automatic Recovery"

4) Disconnect it from the other TV, re-connect it to the Toshiba


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