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Paramount plus wants me to pay when I log in even though I already do

I just got a new tv with roku, I’ve signed in on Netflix just fine, Hulu, Disney plus but when I try to log in paramount plus it does this 

-log in

-I enter the correct email/password 

-gives me the option to either watch free content or a button that says getting started 

-I click getting started and it brings me to the payment plans.. I already pay for my subscription and just did. 
-no idea what’s going on?? My son is obsessed with paw patrol so I’m hoping to solve this 


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Re: Paramount plus wants me to pay when I log in even though I already do


First, some information that might be applicable.

With a Roku device (this is true for Amazon as well, but we're talking Roku for now) you can log in to an app one of two ways. You can subscribe through Roku, paying Roku for the subscription, and watch on any Roku device that is tied to your Roku account. The downside is the subscription is only valid on Roku. You can't use it on another streaming device, on a phone, or on a tablet. Roku is the only place the subscriptions is valid.

The other way is the traditional way. You go to the service Website -- in this case -- and subscribe there. You would then use those credentials to log on on the Roku device.

Note you can do both, but that's really a waste of money. Don't do both.

If you have a subscription, you likely have it one of those two ways. Either of those ways will work on your Roku device. Which way did you subscribe, and what's happening on the screen -- exact working; pictures help -- when you try to watch the service.

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