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Idle TV setting. I don't want my remote to turn off but can't find the answer

I have the Roku Express and can't find the way to turn off my Idle TV setting.

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Re: Idle TV setting. I don't want my remote to turn off but can't find the answer


Several possibilities come to mind for "idle tv setting":

  • Screen Saver
    Roku menu path: Settings > Theme (may take a few seconds to populate) > Screensaver start time
    You can set screen saver start time or disable altogether.

  • Bandwidth Saver
    Roku menu path Settings > Network > Bandwidth saver.
    The Roku "Bandwidth saver" function kicks in when the Roku has received no user input in four hours. It asks if you are still watching, and if it receives no response, it exits the current stream and returns the Roku to its home page. At that point, further inactivity can trigger the screensaver if you have one enabled. 

    Note that some individual channels may have a similar feature.

  • Power Savings Settings
    Roku menu path: Settings > System > Power > Auto power savings > After 20 minutes of no interaction
    There have been several different models using the Express name over the years.  If yours is an Express 4K/4K+ ( models 3940/3941) the "Auto power savings" setting will put your Roku device into a low power standby condition after a 20 minute period in which nothing has been streaming and no user interaction has been received. In this state neither its connection to your home network nor its HDMI signal to your TV are active to save a little bit of power.

    Pressing a Roku control key (like the Home button) on your Roku remote (not Power, Volume, or Mute buttons, if your remote has them, as they act on the TV, not the Roku) should bring the Roku out of standby and back to full operation. Pulling the power for a few seconds to restart the Roku will restore full operation as well.

    If you disable this setting it should prevent your Roku from going into standby in the first place. The power savings are very small and for the hassle it causes most users, I don't think it's worth having this feature activated.



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