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How to set up used roku device without remote on a new wifi

My friend moved and gave me her old roku device but no remote. If I have the serial number can I get the IP address of this? I have tried pressing the reset button already. The device seems to be working as the roku logo comes on but I can't pair with my mobile app. It can't find the device when I scan. I want to do the manual add but need the IP address which I don't have but I could still read the serial number of the device.

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Re: How to set up used roku device without remote on a new wifi


You can't. You need a remote.

A couple of things that will help you understand why. No device has an IP address until it's connected to a network. No network, no IP address. So there is no IP address to get in your situation.

If it is a Roku stick, or a Roku TV, you can get a Roku Voice Remote from Walmart, Best Buy, or other such places today, if they're in stock. Those stores, and other stores, carry them. They're $20. There is a $30 version as well.

If it's neither a stick nor a Roku TV, you can get a cheap universal remote, or a Roku Simple Remote ($15), or still go with a Voice Remote ($20) or Voice Remote Pro ($30). If you go the universal route, just make sure it supports Roku. Most do these days, but verify. It'll be on the box.

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