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Cannot get wifi on my Onn roku TV + it refuses to update the tv, even with a usb.

Hey everybody. I got an Onn roku tv the other day, and I'm having trouble trying to get this thing set up. I have 0 issues connecting to wifi, but after doing so it says it will update and then restart the TV once it finishes. The update NEVER takes place, never restarts the TV, and afterwards it reverts to not having the wifi saved as if it failed to connect, after saying connected. So I figured I needed to update the TV manually. Got a USB device, downloaded the file from my computer for the update, went through the usb update process and every single time I attempt the update it starts updating, and right at 68-70% it ALWAYS says that the update failed. Tried factory resetting 4 times, unplugging the TV 2 times, tried re-downloading the most recent update file, and absolutely nothing seems to do anything to fix it. How in the world do I update this thing?? Already did every single troubleshooting step on the website to no avail. It should not be this difficult to update a TV, especially when it says it connects to the internet. Any ideas?

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Re: Cannot get wifi on my Onn roku TV + it refuses to update the tv, even with a usb.

Hello @Risdon

Thanks for letting us know about the issue you're experiencing. 

We would recommend trying out the troubleshooting steps available in this Support link: What to do if your Roku® device is unable to update software.

If still no dice, reply here with the serial number of your Roku TV. It can be found by navigating to Settings > System > About

Please keep us posted!

All the best,

Kariza D.
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Re: Cannot get wifi on my Onn roku TV + it refuses to update the tv, even with a usb.


Some users have been able to get through the initial setup and update using a mobile hotspot.  Could just be a problem with the RokuTV coordinating with your network/internet connection during the initial phase.

If hotspot fails to resolve, I would probably just return the TV for a replacement.  

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