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Reel Rookie

Can the remote switch the TV to HDMI?

I just purchased, received and installed a Roku Express 4K+. I like that I can turn the TV on and adjust its volume with the Roku remote. (Couldn't do that with my old Roku 2.)

But is there any way to switch my (non-smart) TV from normal TV channel mode to HDMI? If the last thing we used the TV for was watching an OTA local station, I have to get both remotes.

It sure would be nice to be able to skip the TV remote.

(Note, we have a Spectre TV, if that makes any difference.)

Roku Guru

Re: Can the remote switch the TV to HDMI?

Yes, if your TV supports HDMI-CEC (and its enabled). 

Rokus come with (unidirectional) CEC enabled, so all you have to press a button and it will switch to the Roku's input.


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Reel Rookie

Re: Can the remote switch the TV to HDMI?

I'm a non techie. When someone replies with INITIALS instead of spelled out, not all of us KNOW that initial. Like "CEC". Ok, I know it's simple, but it still causes time issues. Thanks

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Can the remote switch the TV to HDMI?


HDMI CEC is short for Consumer Electronics Control. (Essentially allows you to control multiple HDMI connected devices with a single remote).  Depends on the remote as to extent of features.  Different manufacturers have different names for their CEC (generic name) feature.

Here is a link to a thread I posted recently re: setting up Roku and CEC.  Contains further links to Roku help and manufacturer names of their CEC, may be helpful to you.

In general, answers cannot be explained fully each time so a browser search engine (Google or the like) is helpful if you come across a term in forums like these that you may not understand.  Sometimes have to pull from multiple sources to get a complete picture, or post a follow-up for more clarification.  Many users that stop by here are just looking for the "fix" and not really the info/sausage behind the fix.  

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