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Can 2 accounts be linked on same tv

So my wife set up our livingroom TV under her account and I set up the bedroom TV under my account. I am setting up some smart home stuff and wondering Is there any way to have two accounts linked to the same tv? So everything will be combined?

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Re: Can 2 accounts be linked on same tv

No. You have to switch accounts, and that is problematic, or at least time consuming.

The cheapest worst option is to do a factory reset every time you wanted to switch account. It'll work, but you will hate the experience.

The best free option for a single Roku on a TV (or a Roku TV, which is what I think you are saying you have) is to put the Roku in Guest Mode. That's still somewhat time consuming.

The quickest way is easier to manage but costs more. Add another Roku device to the TV. Even if it's a Roku TV, you can plug in a separate Roku to the HDMI port. As long as the new device supports the Voice Remote, you won't get the wrong device responding.

The Express 4k+ is on sale for $30, and the Streaming Stick+ is on sale for $40. Either would work well.

Another option is to just use a single account. Pick one account as Primary. Add the missing apps. If you subscribe through Roku Pay for stuff, there's the hard part. If you subscribe directly to services and don't use Roku Pay, then it's actually pretty easy.

I hope this explains the issues, and offers some suggestions to consider.

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