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Reel Rookie

Activating a Roku Streaming Stick 3400X

I have a Roku Streaming Stick 3400X "Jackson" that I want to activate.  It hasn't been in use for awhile.  I did a factory reset to get it to move past a reboot loop problem.

I understand from the support page above that the product is not eligible for newer Roku OS versions.  I am not looking for Roku OS upgrades or newer apps, just to be able to use the device as it was released.


In order to activate the device I am provided a code to enter into which now appears to be a webpage with a 500 error.  I am trying these other URLs that I discovered by searching around but neither works. - > original URL, 500 error - > 500 error  -> 500 error -> Does not accept the code provided by the device



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Re: Activating a Roku Streaming Stick 3400X

The 3400 is now approaching 12 years old. It is no longer supported, and many providers won't let their channels/apps install on it. It's basically a Stick version of my old Roku 2 XS. That player because unusable for more about 8 years ago, and while it still works I haven't used it for years. It's simply too low on processing power to work with even some of the basic channels. 

Unfortunately, you need to accept that your Stick is simply no longer viable. Roku no longer uses codes to activate, instead uses an email link to deter scammers who tried to hijack users trying to activate their devices. There's no way to activate your device, since it can't be upgraded to a newer OS. 

Currently I would recommend one of two Roku players as a replacement for your 3400. The first is the Express 4K+ for $40. If you prefer using the Stick hardware, the Roku Stick 4K is currently on sale, also $40. I would prefer the Express 4K+, as it allows you to move it around in case you have overheating issues with a Stick connected directly to the TV. I have both, and feel the Express 4K+ is a better value. Of course, there's also the Ultra if you desire an Ethernet jack and a USB port for connecting a USB storage device to directly play media from.


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Reel Rookie

Re: Activating a Roku Streaming Stick 3400X

Thank you for sharing your tips and guidance on alternative devices.

I actually have several Roku 2 and Roku 3 devices still in rotation and working wonderfully.

While I agree the Roku Stick device is old, lack of a website endpoint to link the device to an account is a terrible reason to obsolete a device that was otherwise working ok.

I'm disappointed to hear that Roku's support policy doesn't even match up with what is documented.  I understand not being able to upgrade or get newer versions of apps/channels but really disappointing to not be able to activate, when the electronics on it are high quality enough to still be in working condition.

I generally prefer Roku to my other streaming devices like Amazon Fire or Chromecast because the UI is simple, easy, and works well, even when it is slow it is not unbearable like older Amazon Fire devices have become after a shorter aging period.


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