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Scammed through Roku Stick, and TCL Roku TV w/black screen after Roku initiated online update.

I purchased 2 Roku sticks, and when I proceeded to set them up, a message appeared to call this number for customer service.  The person on the phone asked me if I had a computer, I did, he said to log on and assisted with creating a Roku account through Amazon.  I did this and then he said he needed to access my account to continue the setup, and used a piggyback to access my Amazon account and purchased a digital card for $100.00.  Since I was focused on him setting up my Roku, I didn't notice that he had accessed my information until he was done and noticed the a$100.00 charge on my bank account. I notified Roku, who told me to notify Amazon, who told me to notify the bank. Who told me that Amazon sent them verification that I had made the charge.  So to make a long story short, I never received my funds back and this person got a digital card for free, and I had to set up my Roku stick on another TV using my phone.  

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Re: Scammed through Roku Stick, and TCL Roku TV w/black screen after Roku initiated online update.

On initial setup, current Roku's ask for an email that they use to send the CORRECT links for setup. If you bypass and try to search or type in an address, and just use some suggested link, you will hit a SCAM site.

Roku has no real phone support, and are impossible to call. Why would Roku need your Amazon account? You ignored multiple red flags and deserved what happened to you. Sorry it sounds harsh, but that is the real world today.

If the Roku did not ask for email, then either it is very old (they went to email setup several years ago), or it was used by a scammer and returned.

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