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Roku remote won't pair and kicks me back to homescreen in the middle of streaming

Roku is absolute dog **bleep**. Support 0%. Ease of use 0%. Desire to vouch for product 0%. Crazy how the company slogan is happy streaming when they have 2 stars and dissatisfaction across the board for multitudes of individuals. Why in God's green earth do we let you be a company? Horrible and I mean horrible company and streaming service. How there is even 2 stars is way beyond me. Wouldn't suggest to a friend unless they wanted the best way to waste money. 


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Re: Roku remote won't pair and kicks me back to homescreen in the middle of streaming

I went to Amazon and typed Roku, and clicked on the pages for the Roku Express, Express 4K+ and Streaming Stick 4K – those each had an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, based on a total of about 170,000 customer reviews.  That seems to be pretty good.  In some product categories, I’ve had difficulty finding a product with more than 4 stars on Amazon.  But if you have some site that you trust that lists them at 2 stars – then sure – don’t buy one.

Of course, not every product works out well for everyone.   If you’re looking for help, it would probably make more sense to list actual product numbers and actual channel/apps with problems. 

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