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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku 4 Model: 4400X Replacement

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My 4400x works perfectly fine. I don't have an HDR television. My 70" 4K television works perfectly with my current Roku. I was very satisfied.

The 4400x's quad-core processor is snappy, and from comparison videos seems identical to the Ultra.

The 4400x was well-designed at the time it was released 8 years ago and continues to have full functionality right now. For those of us with optical audio connections, we'd be LOSING functionality by "upgrading" to an Ultra.

No one in this thread has remotely convinced me as a long-term 4400x user why this device is EOL on updates. Surely the 12.0 and 13.0 updates could run on this quad-core platform.

It should not be too much to ask - WHY is my 4400x no longer supported in 2023 when it has been successfully supported thus far?

This looks from the outside like an intentional obsolescence to drum up more business. That kind of crass business decision is what drives customers away.

I will certainly never recommend to others, or buy another Roku product again, based on what feels like intentional obsolescence purely to push an upsale purchase upon a once loyal customer.

Roku doesn't even offer me as a 4400x user any discount on an Ultra at all. All I see are voice remote upgrades.

If you sell a top-of-the-line model to a user, at the very least, offer a discount on the replacement when you stop supporting it.

A loyal customer who has been made this disgruntled, this fast, from a bad business decision - with no explanation - should be concerning to Roku, Inc. stockholders.


Re: Roku 4 Model: 4400X Replacement

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There are no offers to replace the 4400x on the link you shared.

Can you share a link that has options/offers for a new player.


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