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M2000 No net connection error… Any ideas on a fix?


I have a M2000 which I’m just using as a (IMHO very nice) clock. 

Recently, after powering it down and back on again, it has come up with a “No net connection” error. I also get the same if I plug it in via Ethernet.

I only want to use it as a clock so only need to set the time but I can’t find a way to do that as I can’t use the IP address because it hasn’t got one as it’s not on the network!

Has anyone got any ideas?

I’ve got a spare M1000 so was thinking I could swap the network ‘card’ but I don’t know if they are the same or if it would fit or if that would even be possible. 

Any ideas very gratefully received. 

Cheers,   Ian

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Re: M2000 No net connection error… Any ideas on a fix?

After years of disuse, I recently ordered a new power adapter for my M1000.  But now I too am getting the "No net connection!" message.  It happens with or without Ethernet plugged in.  I never used Wi-Fi, only Ethernet with this device.

The Ethernet connection seems a little wonky.  With no ethernet cord plugged in, there are 2 green LEDs.  When I plug in Ethernet (connected to a switch), the 3rd orange LED briefly illuminates, then goes out. 

Not sure what is wrong, but if anyone has a similar experience and gets it working I'd love to hear about it.  I'd hate to have to recycle this beautiful and formerly-functional music player and bit of tech history.


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