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Reel Rookie

Where or how to Learn to build a Roku Channel

Lately a big buzz around Roku channels so I tough I will try to learn how to build my own channel.

What would be the fastest ( maybe also cheap ) way to do it properly?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Roku Guru

Re: Where or how to Learn to build a Roku Channel

Roku provides two ways to develop a channel.  You can use the SDK (Software Development Kit) with the Brightscript programming language, or, you can use the Direct Publisher platform.  I've used both, but, I prefer the DP platform since it's actually much easier and faster to develop a channel.  There are, however, limitations to what you can do with your channel if you develop it with DP.  Those limitations do not exist if you use the SDK.  If you do not have a programming background, do not use the SDK as there is a steep learning curve.

I recommend the DP solution because it is as easy as creating (and maintaining) a "feed file" that defines the content of your channel.  The feed file is a textual file that defines the movies, series, short form videos, tv specials, and live feeds that make up your channel.  You are not required to define all of them.  Only the ones that meet your requirements.

There's lots of "tools" avaliable to develop your channel.  You'll need to consider your budget and whether you want a free solution, or, a paid solution.  You should be able to find what you need by searching this forum.

Post again if you have more questions.


FREE Windows desktop software for converting Direct Publisher channels to SceneGraph (SDK), for creating BIF (Trick Play) files, Roku (MRSS, JSON) feed files, and FireTV feed files @ GitHub/rrirower.
Reel Rookie

Re: Where or how to Learn to build a Roku Channel

thank you

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