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Roku Guru

Re: Series/Episode categorization with the RDP-To-Scenegraph example

@ phlume

Many people been writing me for assistance with your template edit and spending days, weeks even longer trying to get their channel setup 

With the custom categories and get it just right! I like what you done, Thanks!

Problem: After all that work they are finding the second part of installing and setting up their channel they get digally sgned and upload the package to Roku only to find the package does not pass and gets errors and warnings with static analysis testing!

The question is did you actually upload and publish the template and run the static analysis testing of this template and get successfully published? Did you make any other changes to the package to help with that! The original package direct from Roku without your edits yields the static analysis testing errors same results!

While I have helped people with the edits you showed and images and coding I have not personally used the template myself!

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Streaming Star

Re: Series/Episode categorization with the RDP-To-Scenegraph example

Has anybody tried the "query" option in the Category settings for ordering videos?

I'm going to test it out.

They REALLY need to have a whole section in the DP to SDK tutorial about re-setting up CATEGORIES.  I told Roku, but who knows if they ever do anything.  It was a MAJOR part of the Direct Publisher setup and they ASSUME that you were using the option for Categories with those different ones setup in the JSON file, but you could set it up so that all you were using were TAGS to create your own Categories you created on the Direct Publisher setup page.  That's how mine were, so now I have to test what I probably should have setup to begin with (but it was just so easy to NOT include the Categories in the JSON file and just use the DP setup/format page options based on TAGS).

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Channel Surfer

Re: Series/Episode categorization with the RDP-To-Scenegraph example

Anyone have a copy of the OP sample app and/or feed? Seems they have removed it from their hosting.  😞

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