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Level 7

Roku cannot ingest our videos

Our channel has been working great since we launched (about 6 months ago) Now all of a sudden Roku cannot ingest our new videos, we get an error: No valid items were found in the feed 
65 items have error: Thumbnail could not be downloaded.
We are a wordpress site and use WP Smart plugin. Went though support and all is good with WP Smart and our cdn host. Our internet provider is Comcast and I get nowhere with their support. Anyone familiar with this error and can help give some guidance?
Any help would be appreciated. 
Thank you all.
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Level 13

Re: Roku cannot ingest our videos

It would be helpful to see your feed file.
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Level 8

Re: Roku cannot ingest our videos

I probably mentioned this in support but did you enable Jetpack and the speed up images function?

WP hosts are notorious for blocking hot-linking.
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