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Roku DP 6 different content types

Content types that Roku Direct Publisher supports:

  1. Short Form Video: A stand-alone video usually less than 30 minutes long.
  2. Movie: Feature film or feature-length film.
  3. Live: Live linear stream.
  4. Series: Collection of seasons with episodes (e.g., TV Show) or a mini-series which is a collection of episodes with no seasons.
  5. Episode: Part of a series or mini-series.
    Note: Roku direct publisher will not show individual episodes under a category, only under a series.
  6. TV Special: A stand-alone TV show
Content TypeShow under a categoryHas a dedicated screen
- Short Form VideoYesNo
- MovieYesYes
- LiveYesNo
- SeriesYesYes
- - EpisodeNo (only under a series)No
- TV SpecialYesYes


If you are looking for a robust solution to manage your content feed, then check out our platform, it will save you a lot of time and frustration managing and debugging your feed.

Here are some of the features:

  • Supports all types of content (Movie, Series, Episodic, TV specials, Short-form and Live)
  • Create categories and playlists and organize by tags or titles
  • Preview content before publishing your feed
  • Specify ad breaks for each video in addition to global ad breaks
  • Build a cast library and add credits to each video
  • Connect and import video metadata from Vimeo account with access token
  • Supports multi-images, trickplay, closed caption, subtitles and much more
  • Content feed is secure and hosted on a CDN

If you are interested go to and click “Start 7-day free trial”.

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