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Add live stream to your Roku Director Publisher channel

Roku Direct Publisher supports the HLS live stream format, so the first step is get your live stream distribution url, this url should contain .m3u8 extension, something like this url:

The next step is to add it to your JSON content feed in to “liveFeeds” key, here is a sample JSON feed with one live stream.

    "providerName": ""
    , "lastUpdated": "2021-01-22T21:01:43+00:00"
    , "language": "en-US"
    , "liveFeeds": [{
        "id": "GCUGbgJZalE6XOuIzJVV"
        , "title": "OTTfeed"
        , "content": {
            "dateAdded": "2021-01-23T17:20:46+00:00"
            , "videos": [{
                "url": ""
                , "quality": "FHD"
                , "videoType": "HLS"
            , "language": "en-US"
        , "thumbnail": ""
        , "shortDescription": "All-in-one feed management system for Roku Direct Publisher, Roku Channel and custom OTT apps"
        , "longDescription": "OTTfeed: All-in-one feed management system for Roku Direct Publisher, Roku Channel and custom OTT apps. All Content Types, Management Tools & Advanced workflows. For more info go to"
        , "tags": ["ottfeed", "live"]
        , "rating": {
            "rating": "UNRATED"
            , "ratingSource": "USA_PR"
        , "genres": ["technology"]
    , "categories": [{
        "name": "Latest"
        , "order": "most_recent"
        , "query": "live OR ottfeed"

Download the file:

But if you are looking for a robust solution to manage your content feed, then check out our platform, it will save you a lot of time and frustration managing and debugging your feed.

Here are some of the features:

  • Supports all types of content (Movie, Series, Episodic, TV specials, Short-form and Live)
  • Create categories and playlists and organize by tags or titles
  • Preview content before publishing your feed
  • Specify ad breaks for each video in addition to global ad breaks
  • Build a cast library and add credits to each video
  • Connect and import video metadata from Vimeo account with access token
  • Supports multi-images, trickplay, closed caption, subtitles and much more
  • Content feed is secure and hosted on a CDN

If you are interested go to and click “Start 7-day free trial”.

OTTfeed: Lease a custom Roku SDK for $99/month go to
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