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Quick Questions regarding Direct Publisher

1. longDescription. Trying to add longDescription to JSON file. Long Descriptions do not appear in my channel, when added to the JSON file. Is there no corresponding display field in the Direct Publisher back end?

2. lastUpdated and dateAdded. How important are these? How do you generate them? Seems tedious to implement each time movies are updated in JSON file.

3. title. Seems like title field should display on the video page (after clicked on), the title field appears in the row search, but not on main video page. Am I missing something here?

4. Text size. Is there no option for this?

Just trying to fine tune some details.
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Roku Guru

Re: Quick Questions regarding Direct Publisher

Assuming your feed file passed validation,

  • The 'full' longDescription is visible by clicking the '*' (star) key on the remote.  You should notice that the "*" is enable on the screen if your longDescription cannot be fully displayed.

  • lastUpdated and dateAdded are both required fields in the feed file.  I wrote software to automatically update 'lastUpdated'.  And, you typically update 'dateAdded' only once.

  • I don't understand your confusion re: title.  After you click on a video from the row display, you should see the longDescription.

  • I don't know of an option to scale the text.  I think it's handled by the hardware.
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