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Binge Watcher

Need help understanding Roku 70/30 split

I need to know how Roku 70/30 work. Like others I use a third party ad server. I sell my own ads. What does 30% of inventory entails. Does Roku select which titles to exclusively show their ads? Or out of 10 opportunities they show ads 3 times prior to showing my ads?  I have noticed on features where my ads should have been shown 7 times they are only shown once. I looked at videos that was watched and noticed none of my ads where shown.  I am suspecting Roku is showing 70% of their ads on my channel and leaving me with less than 30% or selecting the most popular titles for themselves and allowing my ads to appear only once.

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Roku Guru

Re: Need help understanding Roku 70/30 split

Recently, they are pushing most of the ads to their ad servers. It's kind of obvious that they are not following the 70/30 rule.

I think when an ad break comes, they forward the viewer's device to either the Roku ad server or your ad server. and believe me, they have lots of ads (mostly in a pool of 4) waiting to make money for them!

I'm monitoring my ad server traffic, and believe me, compare to a few months ago, the traffic routed to my server is almost one-third of May or April. (and my channel and view hours are growing)

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