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Roku Guru

DP unpublished channel shows up on Android Roku App and Roku Soundbar, but not on Roku Ultra

This is a head-scratcher.

I have an unpublished channel. Using the channel code, I can add the channel to my Roku account. My Roku account has a Roku Soundbar and Roku Ultra as devices.

I've checked for software updates on both units, restarted both Roku devices - which are on the same LAN - and the channel shows up on the Roku Soundbar *and* my Android Roku app, but not the Ultra.

If I load up my Roku app on my Android Phone, I can connect to each of the Roku devices - and the channel shows up on both. Thus, the channel does NOT show up on the Roku Ultra TV screen GUI, but the Android app reports the channel is loaded on the Ultra. In fact, I can launch the channel via the Android app on the Roku Ultra with no problem.

The Roku Soundbar shows the channel on the TV GUI with no issue.

Soundbar (9102R): SW version

Ultra (4670X): SW version

Any ideas on why the channel doesn't show up on the Ultra?

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