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Move my organizations channel

I recently moved our church's streaming service to Streaming Service NEW from Streaming Service OLD.

Streaming Service NEW said 5/4,

... to begin the process you would need to first reach out to your app developer so they would be able to contact Roku for the app's transfer.
So you would reach Streaming Service OLD and request they reach Roku's, they would transfer to Streaming Service is the development email.

Once that process is complete and they have updated you, you can update us here!

Reach out to Streaming Service OLD and request they reach Roku's, they would transfer to Church Streaming, is the development email.

Streaming Service OLD replied 5/18,

Unfortunately, the channel is directly tied to the Christian World Media service and transferring it will not work with another service. If you like we can delete the channel code which will allow you to have another Roku channel developed using the same channel ID.

Streaming Service NEW said 5/18, 

...that's interesting as all channels that are developed on the Roku platform and are usually able to be transferred. Is the Roku channel branded as your own app for the Church or has their name?

They would indeed have to remove the channel if you have a specific name/ID you would prefer to have for another channel. The easiest process instead of awaiting a new creation would indeed be the transfer as mentioned.

We wouldn't want to recommend removal as of yet unless they're sure of a non-transfer, which is a normal process with app transfers with Roku.

Streaming Service NEW said 10/25, 

...then we'll have to take them for their word. There are Roku parameters where the M3U8 is met with a live stream and for archiving, our service performs both, however, I'm unaware of what special ties the app itself would have to their service. Potentially could mean with how their service sends the archived recordings.
As the Roku developer all apps can actually be transferred as they sit on Roku's system/servers, in this case, they're saying it's not possible, so we're sorry that we cannot be of more help from our end.

My head is spinning! Can someone from Roku please tell me the correct procedure to get this transferred?

This is the channel I am trying to move:

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