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Live stream DVR issue

we have added a live stream (which has 3 hr dvr) to our feed. On playback it plays from start of DVR rather than from live point.

I have tried setting duration to very high or low,, but it didn't help.
can someone help with this.
Binge Watcher

Re: Live stream DVR issue

Has anyone able to resolve this. We still see video playback start with 3 hours rewind rather than current time.


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Roku Guru

Re: Live stream DVR issue

You need to use livefeeds key/type in your JSON feed, and your livestream needs to be active when Roku server is Ingesting your feed, otherwise it will be rejected (we have a solution for this issue DM me for more info).

Here is a sample:

"liveFeeds": [{
        "id": "GCUGbgJZalE6XOuIzJVV"
        , "title": "OTTfeed"
        , "content": {
            "dateAdded": "2021-01-23T17:20:46+00:00"
            , "videos": [{
                "url": ""
                , "quality": "FHD"
                , "videoType": "HLS"
            , "language": "en-US"
        , "thumbnail": ""
        , "shortDescription": "All-in-one feed management system for Roku Direct Publisher, Roku Channel and custom OTT apps"
        , "longDescription": "OTTfeed: All-in-one feed management system for Roku Direct Publisher, Roku Channel and custom OTT apps. All Content Types, Management Tools & Advanced workflows. For more info go to"
        , "tags": ["ottfeed", "live"]
        , "rating": {
            "rating": "UNRATED"
            , "ratingSource": "USA_PR"
        , "genres": ["technology"]


Also, if you are looking for a robust solution to manage your content feed, check out platform it will save you a lot of time and frustration managing and debugging your feed.

Here are some of the features:

  • Supports all types of content (Movie, Series, Episodic, TV specials, Short-form and Live)
  • Create categories and playlists and organize by tags or titles
  • Specify ad breaks for each video in addition to global ad breaks
  • Build a cast library and add credits to each video
  • Connect and import video metadata from Vimoe account with access token
  • Supports multi-images, trickplay, closed caption, subtitles and much more

If you are interested go to and click "Start 7-day free trial”.


OTTfeed: Lease a custom Roku SDK for $99/month go to
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